Recipe: Slice of Datehini

Recipe: Slice of Datehini

I had to share this as a new recipe... During Farmer's Markets, Festivals and Events, most common question I receive is "how to use Datehini"? 

I grew up having my blend of tahini on a toasted bread. That was my healthy breakfast before going to school.

My mom would tell me how lucky we were to have a piece of bread not only, a bread with Datehini. I benefitted the spread tremendously getting high nutrition from tahini and dates. Every day I still use a spoonful and give to my daughter as her daily routine. 

I enjoy Datehini on breads, rice cakes, bagels, croissants, crackers... Think of replacing your sugar loaded jam with Datehini (no butter needed). As the taste is more creamy, it is also an alternative to the nut butter and jam combination.

Enjoy Datehini, with simple nutrition, as you like.