2022 Healthy Snack
Young girl eating Datehini spread on bread
Datehini sauce
Datehini sauce
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"2022 Healthy Snack- Best Sweet Spread" award winner.

Ancient sesame tahini pairs with California medjool dates like a mom bonds with her children. Naturally. Endurance triathlete Sezin Kutlu made Datehini for her daughter Alisa, the pickiest of eaters. Sweet and savory, Datehini powers the whole family - whether mothers, active kids to seniors, runners to bikers - with every swirl of healthy nutrition.

No sugar or vice, just all things nice

Made from only two ingredients, Datehini packs 100% certified organic energy into every date and sesame. The simple pairing of sesame tahini and medjool dates has no added sugars or artificial, GMO ingredients. The extras come standard. Sesame seeds are rich in vitamin B6, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids and essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, and iron. Dates bring antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids, and phenolic acid into the mix.

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Datehini? You barely know me!

A Spoonful of Sepoli

"One spoon a day" of tahini and fruit spread is a morning ritual in the Mediterranean diet that inspired the creation of Sepoli. Datehini brings the two together in one spoonful to enrich the modern American diet with the ancient tradition of simple nourishment. Have it straight from the jar, spoon by spoon, knowing only dates and sesame are powering you daily.

Founder Sezin eating Datehini with a spoon
Datehini spread on waffles with fruit

Dip it, add it, spread it, bake it

Like it as you like it. Dip in with apple slices, banana chips, celery sticks, sweet potato crisps, pretzels, and crackers. Add it in shakes, smoothies, oatmeal, acai bowls, energy balls and no-bake bars. Spread it over toast, crepes, bagels, muffins, rice cakes, sweet potato skins, hard cheese, and crackers. Bake it in cookies, bread, and pancakes.

Not just a pretty taste

PhD MD Canan
PhD MD Canan Cimsit
Associate Professor, Cardiologist

I recommend Datehini as a rich source of healthy fats, protein, fiber and antioxidants
without the added sugars found in most packaged foods. Beyond the vitamins and
minerals, which include B6, zinc, copper, and selenium, among many others, I suggest Datehini for its calcium to promote bone health and natural energy that
supports brain development. Personally, my family has one to two
spoonsful daily
as an organic supplement.

Image of Chef McConnell
Chef John McConnell
Napa Valley chef, dad, and cyclist

I'm always striving to find just the right balance. Balance of flavors, balance of textures, and the balance of a delicious experience in the moment with the nutritious ingredients of a healthy lifestyle. This ancient Mediterranean combination blends the richness and strong flavors of sesame paste with the unctuously sweet dates to find that perfect balance. Working in a non-stop environment as chefs, we tend to neglect our own diets for whatever is convenient. I still reach for whatever is convenient, but with Datehini I don't have to compromise on that balance for myself.

Image of Sera finishing Ironman Race
Sera Yakimovic
Winner 2021 Ironman 70.3 Vitoria Gasteiz

I follow a strict diet that supports the intensity of my training without loading my body with highly processed glucose in pre-packaged energy products. I need to keep focused while building strength, increasing endurance, and always striving to be faster. Datehini does that for me. Especially cinnamon Datehini! I have it over toast for breakfast, by the spoonful pre-workout, and as a reward during workout recovery.

Ayfer Goek
Mom to Ela

My daughter loves Datehini. That's half the battle of finding a quick snack the family loves without having the guilt of relying on chocolate spreads or nut butters. Ela likes it in a little cup to dip in vegetable sticks or pretzels. I also replaced peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Datehini sandwiches. It's so easy for the lunch box. Even my husband puts it on his turkey sandwiches and cheese plates.

Taryn with a jar of Datehini
Plant-based endurance athlete

"As a plant-based endurance athlete training multiple hours per day swimming, biking, running, and lifting, incorporating proper fueling in between each workout is so important. Running ten miles is always challenging, so I was intrigued when I learned about Datehini. The combination of dates and tahini sounded delicious (and definitely nutritious). When my first jar arrived I knew it would exceed my expectations, and with the very first taste, it totally did! I now use Datehini as a spread on toast after swimming, before bike rides, and afternoon runs, as well as add it as a delectable drizzle over roasted parsnips and sweet potatoes for dinner."

fresh bread covered in fruit and oats
Diana B.
Los Angeles, CA

I was skeptical at first. Dates and tahini? It sounds odd - but it's incredibly delicious. The best way I can describe is like some kind of sesame caramel. It's rich, nutty, and just the perfect level of sweetness. I love it on a slice of bread I buy at the Farmer's Market. This is really good!

Taste of Elm
Taste of Elm
Ludlow, KY

I received the sample and I LOVE it! I put it on toast with ricotta cheese :) I have also sampled it with some customers and they also love it. I cannot wait to try all flavors. Thanks for creating such a unique product, it is a great sale at the store.

Nermin Deus
Los Angeles, CA

I just discovered your Datehini and I am absolutely addicted to it. My energy level has gone up and it is a wonderful substitute for sweets which I wanted to avoid. I am anxious to try your
salad recipe and the date balls. I am hoping you will come up with other new products down the line. Thank you for this wonderful treat.

Datehini sauce