Mom feeding her daughter Datehini on bread

The Sepoli Story

Chocolate spread and crepes. Chocolate spread and crepes. Almost every day, chocolate spread and crepes.

Raising my young daughter, Alisa, in California, I began to worry about her increasing insistence on sweet and sugary meals. Maybe it was cereal for breakfast. Or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. Or those crepes at any time of day.

As a busy executive and endurance athlete, it was a daily challenge to find something that was convenient and healthy that Alisa also found delicious. Too often compromises had to be made despite, or maybe because of, the overwhelming number of options in every supermarket.

I reflected on my own childhood in the Mediterranean and how lucky I was to grow up with locally grown produce being the only option. My daily breakfast was a simple combination of homemade tahini and fruit paste, which has been a morning ritual for hundreds of years.

At the same time, I was training for Ironman triathlons and started experimenting with replacements for energy gels that are filled with artificial additives and preservatives. I was inspired by the amazing, organic dates in California, which became a natural source of sustenance during my training and competition. I combined date puree with tahini, which added the healthy added protein and fat needed for sustained nutrition.

I started using the sweet and savory fusion as a replacement for the chocolate spread on Alisa's favorite crepes. Turns out, she loved it! Together, we would make batches at a time. But between Alisa's new favorite breakfast and my new favorite training supplement, we couldn't make enough to keep up.

Among the seemingly endless options of spreads, dips, pastes, and nut butters on supermarket shelves, I couldn't find anything close to the honest nutrition of my Mediterranean heritage. Sepoli was born. Based on the ancient recipes I grew up with, we've been working with local farmers in Palm Spring to create Datehini, a creamy blend of medjool dates and sesame tahini.

By sharing just how nutritious, and delicious, organic ingredients without artificial additives can be, it is our sincere hope to establish wholesome traditions today that will empower health-conscious generations of tomorrow.

For our family and yours.

Sezin Kutlu, Founder and CEO

Team Sepoli

Founder Sezin Kutlu

Sezin Kutlu

Founder, Athlete, and Master Mixologist
A mother and endurance athlete who trains daily for marathons and Ironman triathlons, Sezin created Datehini to power both her household and her workouts.

Before starting Sepoli in California's Napa Valley, Sezin was a senior executive for almost two decades at luxury hotels across the United States and Europe.

Sezin grew up near the Mediterranean Sea, where her father from Greece and mother from Turkey (both still active in their 80s and 70s) taught her the healthy habits she wants to pass on to her family for generations to come.

Daughter Alisa


Daughter, Inspiration, and Taste Tester

Alisa, the pickiest of eaters, is the toughest coach her mum ever had. She pushes Sezin further and faster towards both the finish line and her business goals.

She also serves as the inspiration for Datehini and acts as the ultimate taste tester. As they walk and talk in the park or on the beach, a chitty chatty Alisa has no shortage of ideas for new Sepoli flavors and products.

Alisa loves Sunday morning breakfasts and wants to bring color and taste to life so she can share it with the world.

Nihal Miller

Business Partner, Entrepreneur, Seeker

Nihal is a life enthusiast, copywriter, acrylic paint artist, Pilates lover, the proud mother of 13-year-old cellist Nili, and a wife. While raising her daughter Nili, she actively pursued organic and natural products, leading her to cross paths with Sezin.

With Greek roots and Turkish cultural influences, Nihal found that Los Angeles opened doors filled with positive energy, leading her to focus on wellness and a curiosity for a healthy way of living. Nihal takes joy in sharing her knowledge and creations, guided by the belief that sharing leads to abundance.

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