Recipe: Pulled Chicken Tacos

Recipe: Pulled Chicken Tacos

I am excited to share this great recipe: we used Datehini with chicken and it turned out amazing. Try this on your next Taco Tuesday. 


For the pulled chicken:

1 chicken breast, about 7 oz

1 tbsp of olive oil

Salt and black pepper to taste

⅕ cup of water

For the BBQ Sauce:

2 tbsp of ketchup or tomato sauce

½ tbsp of soy sauce

1 tbsp of honey

1 tsp of smoked paprika

1 tsp of Cinnamon Datehini

Serve with:

Taco shells/tortilla wraps

Cole slaw without mayo

Sesame seeds



Add chicken to a baking tray

Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and black pepper

Add water in, cover with foil and cook in a hot oven, at 375F, for 45 minutes

Take it out and pull it apart, using two forks 

Mix the BBQ sauce ingredients and pour over the pulled chicken and mix

Serve with taco shells/tortilla wraps and cole slaw, without mayonnaise.