Man and women riding in a bike race

Tips on training with Datehini

Here find how athletes train with Datehini on their daily routine: 

"Athletes know the importance of nutrition to power their workouts. But many sports need a lean body weight for peak performance. Pro-athletes aggressively slim down before competition. As a competitive cyclist myself, I was lacking in properly fueling during training. I never wanted to load up on all the artificial sugars added in gels, and I always wanted to maintain or lose weight anyway.

At some point, I began eating dates on my rides. Then I added sea salt to my snack bag of dates to balance the sweetness and add electrolytes. Once I tried the combo of tahini and dates, I found the energy clean energy I had been neglecting." - Chef John McConnell.

"As a plant-based endurance athlete training multiple hours per day swimming, biking, running, and lifting, incorporating proper fueling in between each workout is just as important as completing the workouts themselves, because if I don’t replenish my glycogen stores after a hard effort, I won't be recovered in time to execute the next workout. Running ten miles is always challenging, but feeling sluggish while doing it is just plain torture. Therefore, in order to keep my system running smoothly and efficiently, I usually eat the same foods everyday. For example: bananas, nut butter sandwiches, vibrant (everything but the kitchen sink) smoothies, roasted vegetables, seedy bread, beans, robust Olive Oils, and various spices. In essence, I maintain a steady nutrition routine.

However, I was intrigued when I learned about Datehini. The combination of dates and tahini sounded delicious (and definitely nutritious) so I asked my friend, Sezin, Datehini’s creator, if I could give it a try. Thankfully, she obliged, and when my first jar arrived in its gorgeous, thoughtful packaging I knew it would exceed my expectations, and with the very first taste, it totally did. 

I now use Datehini as a spread on toast after swimming, before bike rides, and afternoon runs, as well as add it as a delectable drizzle over roasted parsnips and sweet potatoes for dinner. Datehini delivers both a sweet and savory option to satiate the many calories lost during the long day of training, while also laying a foundation for the many hours of training ahead the next day. 

I am thrilled to have Datehini as a staple in my pantry as another option to enhance my nutrition, keep my energy up, and endurance goals within reach." - Taryn Spates, IM Championship Kona Qualifier