Woman finishing Ironman Race

Sepoli IRL: Connect in person

While organic produce and honest nutrition can be found in every jar of Datehini, the secret ingredient to a healthy lifestyle has always been fulfilling personal relationships.

Connecting in person is as core to the Sepoli purpose as spreading the passion for clean living. Email or sign-up to our mailing list to connect at any of our upcoming events and activities:




Napa Farmer's Market

Saturdays 8am to 12pm. 



Bizerkeley Vegan Food Festival

September 4, 2022




Long Beach Marathon, Long Beach, CA

October 7-9, 2022



Golden Gate Half Marathon

November 5-6, 2022



Ride or run with our founder

Sepoli founder Sezin Kutlu can be seen running or riding her way through California on any given day, and once a month she is joined by a member of the Sepoli community.

To lace up your running shoes or riding boots with Sezin, sign up to Sepoli’s email list or follow @sepoliorganics and tag friends.